About Us

EAR Customized Hearing has over 50 years of onsite experience working with industrial, military, recreational, music and tactical accounts. 

In this store, we only display the standout products that have been carefully selected by our expert staff of audiologists, lab technicians, chemists and hearing healthcare professionals, so you get top performance for the most challenging conditions. This includes protection utilized for both noise and water and designed to meet the hearing healthcare needs of children and adults.

The products we offer here will be updated on a regular basis. Keep an E.A.R. out for exciting releases.

Should you have questions simply e-mail [email protected] and our staff will be happy to assist.

Our Founder

Garry Gordon, MS, is the CEO/Owner and Audiologist/Instructor at E.A.R  Customized Hearing in Boulder, Colorado.

Gordon has served well over 4,000 major medical, audiological and industrial accounts and trained a network of 500+ recreational and industrial providers who market high-quality hearing protection.