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Multifunctional QuickFit MF Pro-Hearing Aid AND Earplug Combo



This is a truly unique solution developed by E.A.R.

It is BOTH a true hearing aid and a custom ear plug.

Hear more voices and less noise with QuickFit MF Pro hybrid hearing aid and electronic hearing protection. QuickFit MF Pro offers you crystal clear sound preset for the most common high-frequency hearing loss, and when you supply us with a copy of your hearing test, QuickFit MF Pro can be customized to match your exact hearing levels. When noise levels go up, QuickFit MF Pro protects your hearing from irreversible damage.

QuickFit MF Pro is packed with features you love, like BLUETOOTH® connectivity, RECHARGEABLE batteries, and a remote-control phone app for Apple® and Android. Plus, you can unlock even more features in QuickFit MF Pro by bringing them to a designated hearing healthcare professional for additional fine tuning.


  • Spatial Awareness technology – provides a realistic all-around listening experience.
  • Spectral Speech Enhancer and Soft Speech Lift – two new developments for improving speech clarity
  • Sound Sweeper digital noise cancellation
  • 28 NRR when used in conjunction with Chameleon Ear™ Pro 3D Printed Silicone Earpieces 
  • High fidelity music listening
  • Direct mobile connectivity – to any Bluetooth phone, with binaural streaming (i.e. to both ears).
  • Hands-free calling – with QuickFit MF Pro you can answer mobile phone calls by pressing the button on the hearing aid, and the hearing aid microphone picks up your voice – so you do not have to pick up your phone to answer phone calls.
  • Text to talk – a brand new feature via an app (myCall to Text) that converts live calls to text so you have follow calls in the most demanding of listening environments. 
  • Direct TV connectivity – using the TV Connector accessory – high definition stereo listening in both ears.
  • Direct remote control – via the Unitron Remote Plus App
  • Rechargeable – an optional style. Uses lithium-ion built in battery for quick charging and lasting performance.
  • 30-day money back guarantee – minus $200 processing fee

USES: Carpentry, Construction, Farming & Ranching, Hunting & Shooting Sports, Industrial Safety, IT Server Technician, Metalwork, Manufacturing, Mining, Motorsports, Oil & Gas, Tactical

*NOTE: Ear impressions are necessary to make custom earplugs for QuickFit MF Pro. If we already have your impressions on file, no action is required. If not, we’ll send you an EZ Ear Impression Kit so you can make the impressions yourself at no additional charge. Ear impressions will be kept on digital file for replacement requirements and additional product requests. 

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QuickFit MF Pro

Multi-functional Hearing Aid And electronic Hearing Protection

The E.A.R. QuickFit MF Pro Series is a multi-functional, hybrid hearing aid and electronic hearing protection system trusted by hunters/shooters, law enforcement/military, firearm instructors and loud environment users to hear better in noise while simultaneously blocking hazardous sounds from causing hearing loss.

QuickFit MF Pro is a hearing aid that comes preset to match mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. However, by providing us with your most recent hearing test (audiogram), QuickFit MF Pro can be programmed to match your unique hearing profile. When paired with Chameleon Ear™ Pro 3D Printed Custom Silicone Earpieces, they also protect your ears from harmful noise levels.

Sophisticated Sound Processing

SoundCore™ delivers more than just sounds and words. It delivers key nuances of speech and environmental cues to provide a realistic hearing experience. The powerful, integrated SoundCore system enables your clients to understand the deeper meaning in conversations and makes Discover Next one of the world’s most intelligent platforms.

Identifies environments as accurately as a 20-year-old

You can hear your best across all listening situations with QuickFit MF Pro’s SoundNav speech processor. Enjoy life-enriching media with the help of MediaNav. Years of training our algorithms with machine learning means this feature can identify life’s ever-changing soundscapes just like a young, normal hearing listener would.

More voices. Less noise

QuickFit MF Pro provides clear speech, reduced noise, and overall sound quality that’s comfortably balanced in any environment with Sound Conductor. And make the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone – even soft-spoken people – are easier to understand with our new soft speech lift feature.

Hear speech with amazing clarity – even in noise

Your number one need is to safely hear better in noisy environments. SpeechPro uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and enhances it beyond what a typical hearing instrument can do. A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, was designed to help you better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Put sounds in their place

You’ll enjoy a realistic sound experience because sounds can be acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations. This is thanks to Spatial Awareness, which brings back natural localization cues with an innovative 4 microphone strategy.

Accessories Add More Flexibility

We believe the right accessory can make the hearing experience even better. So, we designed ours to solve real problems – and make sure they are easy to use.

  • PartnerMic Lapel worn microphone for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments – streaming speech directly to your hearing instruments.
  • Remote Control Lets you discreetly adjust volume and switch programs at your convenience, phone free.
  • TV Connector Watch your favorite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your QuickFit MF Pro to the TV or other media devices.
  • QuickFit Charger Replacement charger to charge QuickFit MF Pro hybrid hearing aid and hearing protection models.
  • QuickFit Charger Power Pack Use this charger power pack to offer additional charge to QuickFit MF Pro rechargeable products without the need of plugging the charging case into an outlet.

Rechargeable Batteries for Ease and Convenience 

QuickFit MF Pro offers lithium-ion rechargeable technology. Available in 3 rechargeable RIC (Receiver-in-canal) models – Premium, Automatic, and Standard.

3 hours for a full days use. 30 min charge for 6 hours use. The battery lasts approximately 6 years – it will need returning for replacement after this period and a replacement fee will apply.

QuickFit MF Pro rechargeable hearing devices are supplied with the charging case. A battery pack for plug-free charging is available for purchase. The battery pack clips on underneath and provides up to 7 days cable free charging, if fully charged itself.

The charging case doubles up as a dehumidifier which reduces moisture damage and thus also repairs. 

Remote Plus Mobile Phone App

QuickFit MF Pro offers binaural phone call listening from almost any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.


With E.A.R. QuickFit MF Pro you can take hands free calls by activating the call with the push button on the hearing device, and QuickFit MF Pro transmits both speakers and callers voice. Performance will depend on surrounding noise levels.

In the app, you have access to:

  • Mobile streaming – any Bluetooth mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows etc)
  • TV / media streaming volume control
  • Remote control – programs / volume / mute
  • How-to videos video tutorials of the hearing aids
  • Ratings feature – submit ratings of your experience

How To videos for the QuickFit MF Pro

For videos on cleaning, storing, and pairing with the app, click here.


For more help on choosing the right ear protection for hunting and shooting sports, click here.

Read more about how the QuickFit MF Pro protects industrial workers by clicking here.

Are you an employer? Click here to inquire about our Industrial QuickFit Program.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in

Amber, Amber Suede, Beige, Charcoal, Cinnamon, Espresso, Pewter, Platinum

Ear Mold Color

R-Red/L-Blue, Black, Blue, Clear, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Purple, Red

Custom Ear Mold Options

Set up as hearing aid only, Add DIY Impression Kit, I have impressions to mail/on file

Additional Features

  • Comes preset to enhance speech sounds commonly lot to noise exposure
  • Customizable to match your specific hearing levels (audiogram required)
  • Upgradable circuits unlock sophisticated performance features
  • SoundCore Technology intelligently listens and responds to your environment
  • Automatic Binaural Directional Microphones for processing noise in real time
  • Up to 3 Manual Programs for expanded functionality
  • Custom silicone earplugs can be switched out for standard hearing aid tips
  • Tinnitus Masker helps reduce phantom noises in the ear (Audiologist required)
  • Direct connectivity to all BLUETOOTH® devices.
  • Remote Plus app for Apple® and Android
  • 28 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with Chameleon Ear™ Pro 3D Printed Silicone Earpieces* 
  • 23+ Hours of battery life per charge including 4 hours of streaming
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and custom charger
  • Onboard Push Button adjusts volume, changes programs, and controls BLUETOOTH®
  • Surface Nanoshield moisture and wax repellent
  • 1-Year worry-free repair warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee, minus a $200 processing fee
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